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Brussels Ultimate Beach

Message par xavrevo le Mar 1 Juin - 22:22

Hello beach lovers and Ultimate addicts,
The Brussels Ultimate Beach is back, with some improvements (like every year).
So, besides the sand, special beers, organic home-made food, groovy party and cosy accommodation 5’ from the playing site, we’ll have a free-tapas-and-a-drink welcome party at the hostel, where everything (besides playing) will be happening !
Dates: 31st of July + 1st of August 2010 (+ welcome party on Friday).
Team Formula again, but there will be the possibility to register individually for the 1 or 2 Hat-Hot Pick-Up teams that we’ll have in the tournament.
If your team or you are interested, give us a quick reply, before the 5th of June, at patricia.vanhalteren at

Then we will communicate the selected teams and players for the 8th of June, and send you the payment information.
Thank you José for the nice pictures from last year’s edition.
This small format beach tournament is part of "Bruxelles-Les-Bains", a large event bringing the beach (and the sand !) in the centre of the town, together with beach sports competitions, demos and initiations, plus beach animations, concerts, exotic bars and food stands.
When the weather is good, it is crowded; each week-end shows a different beach-sport on the main field, with stands for the spectators.
- We will play 4 on 4 on a sand field of +/- 34m x 18m.
- One woman on the field. Sometimes 2 (offence choice), so each team should have minimum 7 players including at least 2 women (4 men and 3 women is ideal).
- 8 teams format; each team will play 7 games of 28'.
- Final for the first two teams after the round-robin.
- First invited teams:
Frizzly Bears ( Aachen , Germany ), present at the 4 “teams” editions, and 3 times winner
Hat-Hot Pick-Up 1
Hat-Hot Pick-Up 2 (Mixed teams for European travellers and friends)
Newcastle (GB)
Fee: Without sleeping-accommodation, 35€ per player (no team-fee) including :
- Saturday and Sunday breakfasts ;
- Welcome party on Friday with free tapas and a free drink, Belgian beers at cheap prices and more;
- Saturday dinner and all-night-party (no walking or driving back problem !);
- Tournament t-shirt.
NB : As much as possible, we try to have products that are organic, low impact and/or fair trade.
Accommodation (5’ walk from the field) :
- 14€ per person/per night, in rooms of 5 with shower.
- Free showers for the non-resident players.
The 1st game starts at 10.30 on Saturday and Sunday.
The games end around 20.00 on Saturday and around 19.00 on Sunday.
We hope you can be part of this summer event; thanks for replying really soon.
Patricia & Olivier


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